Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Big Sexy on the Road

I run a few nights a week now with the lads after work down at the river park. To get in a ride too, I thought I’d do the short commute to the office—and after work stash my stuff in somebody’s car—then roll the short ten miles back to moi voiture as the sun sets. A piece of cake, right?

Big Sexy, having no expensive or easy to steal components, would be the bike to ride. At the river park, this dreadnaught would be locked to the bike rack—good to go. I couldn’t have my saddle bags on Big Sexy because some passer-by would lift them.

Big Sexy, once moving, is quite a machine—in the morning I quickly caught up to, and then left behind other riders and commuters on the path. A few roadies, probably taking a short-cut to some other roads—gave the bike a quick look or two.

After the run, I started homeward—it was seriously dark, mes amis. My commuter light, like a huge sword of light, cut a clean tunnel down the bike path. When the sun went down, the headwind out of the Northwest subsided. Big Sexy got going quite fast—but being so dark, I thought it a bit hazardous.

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Big Oak said...

That is a fine, fine, looking bike!