Monday, March 02, 2009

Lost Weekend

It seems I caught Traveler's Diarrhea or sometimes known as "Golfer's Diarrhea" which is a virus that many visitors seem to suffer from when they come to see their friends in Tucson and play a few rounds of golf.   But really anyone can get it--just that the illness seems to start out at the local country clubs and soon everyone ends up in the hospital.  

You would guess it was a case of food poisoning, but actually its some sort of bad-ass virus that knocks you out for three or four days--or worse.  It spreads around and visitors are pretty susceptible. Folks are out playing golf and if someone with a weaken immune system that's come down from Wisconsin, or Michigan, gets the virus, well it attacks them and then spreads to their friends, and then the virus gets stronger then spreads through the community.

Tucson has been flooded with people from out of town for the Gem Show and for the Match Play Golf tournament that just ended this weekend.   The weather here has been fantastic, Gentle Readers of This Blog...

I feel like I've been hit by a truck and sucker-punched in the kidneys. 

My weekend to train and in put in the miles for the up-coming 400 KM Brevet were dashed.  I spent Friday at work in a funk, and then all weekend in bed, making a trip to the bathroom every half-hour for 24 hours.  Sunday I was able to walk around the house, taking several rest breaks, and then was just able to get to the store to by some supplies.

Monday, this morning, I went into work, and my boss said I still looked green.  Her friends visiting from Canada had fought the same thing all weekend as well.  So she said I better just go back home and get some rest.

Not sure now I can ride a 400 KM brevet after this blow to my body.   Just when I feel better and start to move around, suddenly I'm tired again and must rest.  

Cheers,  Bruce

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blogadmin said...

Suck it up bitch. When's the 400?