Monday, August 13, 2007

Mono—and Recovery Chapter 2

Here is Part I
Here is Part III

John called me up and said I should meet the gang at breakfast. So early Sunday morning when I awoke, I made it a point to turn on my cell as they were to call when they neared Dog Mtn.

Sure enough, John calls to say they are at Tangerine and Interstate 10, and they will call when they pass my place at Tangerine and Dog Mtn Blvd. I go back to sleep because I know they have a 6 mile climb to that point—and they say they are going to continue up Tangerine to Oracle Rd then head up to Claire’s Café. I’ll meet them there via chez voiture and we’ll have a laugh or two over coffee and chicken-fried steak.

I didn’t sleep very long—John calls and they are at the light. That was kinda fast, guys, I thought to myself. Well, I have some time to feed the dog, wake up a little, etc. It is not an easy climb all the way to Oracle via Tangerine, mes amis. Oh—Eric is also on the injured list. He starts the ride but pulls out heading home.

So I figure I can take my time—I’ve been trying to get to bed early and get some rest. I’m actually sleeping—for months I didn’t sleep well and what a difference. The world is no longer dull black and white but vivid with color again!

I’m driving and I expect to see the lads pushing up the road. I see many other riders out. I see two riders changing flat tires. Lots of rain so the roads have thorns and all kinds of other debris all over. Everyone is out riding; thin lanky young guys riding strong. Fat guys, fat girls—oh, and that woman I keep seeing ripping down Tangerine, and sometimes I see her on my commute route… She looks like my friend Stef if Stef was a woman—Stef with long blonde hair. He’s an ex rugby player and all around fit muscular hunk of triathlon-machine/eye candy. But I digress… It is just a beautiful morning and not to be wasted.

My cell rings while I’m driving up the road. John and Larry are already at Claire’s. I’m still about 10 minutes away. They say they’ll sip coffee and wait my arrival. Gosh, I feel like I just earned a JackAssPass—a phase coined by Dave Glasgow to bestow on us when we slack off, and he turns around and rides back to see where the hell we’re at on the road.

So the guys are already at Claire’s.

Our perky cute waitress happily takes our photo when food arrives.

Breakfast! John tries the chicken-fried steak.

Larry sticks to pancakes.

Larry told us this great story about Eric ordering a huge breakfast one time on a ride. The waitress brought everyone’s food, and Eric’s order had like five plates—he had ordered two breakfasts. Then later he got real sick and puked it all up!

John has a bunch of bikes, and sometimes he messes with them and switches out wheels and cranks other componets to see what happens. I guess he wondered what it would be like riding a girl's saddle--see the pretty butterfly? Aw, that is like--so cute!

Okay. Well, John and Larry say I'm looking like my old self. For a few months I struggled with the mono and and its affects on me--but they said I'm actually looking healthier. And I am feeling better quickly. Maybe I can get on the bike early and start gearing up for Fall and cooler weather.

Having breakfast cheered me up and I'm glad I was invited to go up to Claire's.

I'm still a little weak as after I got home I tried to do some work around the house, and soon found myself taking an early afternoon nap for several hours.



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SueJ said...

YOu gotta take it easy with mono. Naps are good. Relapses are major suckages. Hang in!