Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dave Glasgow hit by Taxi Cab

Gentle Readers of This Blog, I received a phone call from John last night just as I walked to my car to go home for the day. Dave Glasgow, a.k.a. “The Leprechaun” Le Super Randonneur, my coach and mentor, was hit by a Yellow Cab on Broadway Blvd last week. Word got to us days later after his surgeries, and then the call on the cell. “A cab hit him…” I wait to hear the damage done during that long pause. “His leg is broken pretty bad. I’m going to see him at Good Barbara’s house, where he’s recovering.” Says John. “I’ll meet you there…” says me.

All I can say is that I held in my rage as Dave described to us the indifferent cab driver who said, after running Dave over, “Watta am I supposed tah do?” And the flippant Tucson Police Officer, who tired to find out what law Dave broke to get himself hit.

At least they called an ambulance, those sonsabitches. Of course it was totally the cab driver’s fault. He was coming out of a business and going to turn left onto Broadway. He was looking at traffic coming from the other side and never looked to see if anyone was coming from the other lane—so he just drove right into Dave, shattering his leg and knocking him into the busy Broadway traffic.

Like a good coach and mentor would do, Dave talked me through my anger—but I feint calm. I’m still feeling the frustration and emotion from the ordeal—because we all know that nothing will be done about what happened. There won’t be any citation or fine given to the cab driver. Yellow Cab Co. will not bear any of the cost of the medical. And the cock-sucking Police will still have the condescending attitude about cyclists.

Dave looks in fair shape, but drugs are keeping the pain away. There is a titanium rod in his leg, lots of swelling, and scars from surgery. And there will be more surgeries and some time to be in rehabilitation. I don’t want to say but this was a bad one. I think Dave knows this as well. We will have to wait and see.

“We will all meet our yellow cab one day.” so says Dave...


Red Bacchetta said...

I am sad to hear about Dave. I would have hoped with Tucson's Platinum status from the League of American Bicyclists that would have included some law enforcement bicyle training.
To assume Dave was breaking a law with all his experience is like assuming Michael Jordon was double dribbling. Anyway, that reeks. Hope Dave heals up faster than everyone expects. That is a really crappy thing to have happen, especially to Dave.

At least they used a titanium rod though.

Dan Trued said...

Sorry to read about what happened to David. Hope he has a speedy and complete recovery. Rode with David the last third of my first 300k.

The mean streets of Tucson, have gotten meaner since they dumped all that freeway traffic on the local streets. There are cars, everywhere! Be safe on those commutes, they really keep you guessing. Personally, when I commute, I see around 4 situations, like the one that Dave encountered per commute. Do they see me, or don't they, is the question you always ask yourself. A couple of weeks ago, I had to make an unscheduled right turn, when the SUV next to me turned right into a gas station. Really pissed me off.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Hi Dan! I will pass your greeting onto Dave. It cheers him up to know that people are thinking of him.

As of late, I am only feeling safe on the roads when I'm riding with a group and can be seen.

I can do about 70% of my commute to work on the bike path. Other commuters have said that is the only safe way to go these days.



Dan Trued said...

On that 300K, I finished with Dave, it was raining pretty good at the end. A couple miles from the end, we were riding through a flooded Casa Grande street, and I crashed. I was laying in that flooded street, in the dark, and Dave says, "you can't do that now, we're so close." I laugh everytime I think of that.

Really like that new header you made on your blog site. The dog makes it work. I assume that's your dog.

Been reading all of those PBP stories, and the first thing I thought, when I saw that Dave got hit, was, he should have been in Paris, where it's safe.

Bon commute! Dan.