Friday, May 25, 2007

Commute on River Road

This morning I rode in on brand-new River Rd as it’s all fresh paved from Campbell Ave to Alvernon Bridge—for those of my Gentle Readers who don’t live in this Sun-Slopped Sit’tee, it just means that a sweet commute affords me speed and comfort. The other way is fine but bumpy, and then there’s the runners and dog owners etc etc. One must be polite, smile, wave and impress the mob that cyclists are not a bunch of self-loving hooligans.

River Road from Campbell to where I need to be going is just like a fat lazy snake sunning itself on the rocks. Its smooth and clear and you can see up ahead, and there’s no saloons or gas stations or dog grooming or tanning salons to pulling in and out of for dah motorists—no sir—just A to B. I would have taken photos for you but I was running late and had to move out. On the way home I may take some photos for y’all to ponder over the weekend

I would have liked to ride more this week but when arriving at my parking spot under the shade trees, and removing my bike from the trunk of the car—I had flat tires… Bummer. That was on the LeMond, so I took the old Raleigh again.

Saw other roadies and everyone waved. Saw older blokes riding Mt Bikes, and they were sweating profusely, which I thought rather odd—until I came up to a stop-light whereas I felt fat beads of sweat running down the gauntlet of my hairy back.

I do have a few concerns about my commute. The air is dusty. Its very hot. Pollen from the trees, and pollution is thick in the air. Its getting worse in Tucson, mes amis. My lungs often feel like they’re taking a beating. Even now in the office as I write this—my eyes are a little red and stinging, my throat hurts a little. I have this fear of wearing down my immune system over the summer and getting pneumonia again. Hey! Forced vacation!

Until then, however,

Allure Libre!

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Fritz said...

I bike across the San Francisco Bay Area where it's currently about 68 degrees. I flew through Phoenix the other day and it was 107 degrees 107 degrees!. Holy hotcakes, Batman, how do you guys in Arizona take it!