Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cave Ride

Rolf on the left and Dave Glasgow on the right. We met Rolf a few years ago when we were out riding at the Park. Rolf is from Germany and his company sends him out to Tucson a few weeks every year. When he got into town, he rode out to see if he could find us. Its been about a year since I've been to Saguaro Nat'l Park--cool to run into an old friend.

The Park was closed for five months for re-paving. Now the new asphalt is as smooth as a U of A coed's tight sweet--asphalt is just really smooth and fine, O my Gentle Reader of this Blog!

But Lo! Speed limit is only 15 mph. Evil Park Ranger Bob who hates bikes will patrol the 9 mile loop--and tickets are $75 for speeding. So now most cyclists ride elsewhere. Evil Park Ranger Bob is happy.

This is from the top of the parking lot up at Colossal Cave, looking NW. Bottom right of the picture is Old Spanish Trail. We've ridden 10 miles from Saguro National Park to the Cave.

It was nearing 100 degrees, and there was a strong headwind as we neared the Cave--it felt like a blast furnace. We took turns in a pace line for the climb to the Cave. It was a pretty difficult 10 miles of climbing. Mainly my throat got dried out from the hot dry air. Rolf was very strong and pulled a good deal of the way as we started to get tired and fall back.

Looking South down into Mexico.

Colossal Cave's existance was kept secret for many years for fear that it would be damaged by tourists, sight, and thrill seekers. I think caves are rather boring--there's a drinking fountain to re-fill water bottles, a place to take a leak, and vistas all around. Best part is going back because you get to go all-out fast pretty much all the way to Saguaro.

Although Rolf is from Germany, we said we considered him a local boy, and that made him pretty happy. You know how it goes, your company sends you to a place, you live in a hotel, you don't know anybody--that would suck. Then you get in with the locals and learn the ins and outs. Dave and Rolf will spend everyday riding, and Rolf will be back in Germany, the envy of his pals: lean and tan.

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