Monday, March 26, 2007

Time For Spring, I Say

I arrive in Scottsdale--to the sound of the Mule braying his eerie call to the gods--of Scottsdale. May they grant us good riding conditions... But it rains most of the night, and Steve wakes up and decides to let me snore another hour back in the guest room that's on the other side of the eastate were Steve and Kim live.

So we leave at 6 am to clear weather instead of 5 am in the rain. Good because we don't have to carry rain gear. And the extra hour of sleep was just what I needed. It had been a long week, mes amis...

We're on the Rez, and the clouds are rolling along. You know, this is the first time it hasn't been hell on wheels--you know, head wind, freezing cold--better yet--104 degrees. It is just perfect for riding.

Well, the first flat. Let's see, I hope I got a spare tube in this bag back here. Randonneurs must carry a bit more than the weekend rider. We've only planned to ride 100 miles. 100 miles--is that all? And you guys call yourselves Randonneurs?

Remote desert on the Gila Bend Indian Reservation.

Nice place for a flat. I guess we've all been there, n'est ce pas?

Hey there's some farmland out here. The rain has made everything quite green, and its still a bit cool. Warmers are needed late morning.

Farms along the road.

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