Friday, March 16, 2007

River Rd Ride Report

River Rd is my new commute home. I ride up Swan to the light and stop and cross at the crosswalk. Its too dangerous to try and make a left, and its up hill and not much room for about 100 yards. I wait at the light, catch my breath, then go west at the green light. So far, car drives let me squeeze in--then, and this has been the case now the few times I've ridden home--all the cars have passed, and there's no cars behind me--I have about a half mile of a very fast descent which let's me fly over the rollers to the next light. The pavement is new and smooth like a 19 year old UofA Coed's mid-drift, Baby! With no cars behind me, I can ride in the middle of the road and not have to have just that thin strip of bike lane...

Nearing River and Campbell, the road is slow going for cars, but I'm rolling fast past them. I wonder what they're thinking when they see me charging by, if they even see me at all? Big bike, ass, long hairy legs crankin like a bat outta Hell--

As I approach Oracle Rd, which is the last really congested area for car drivers, there's just that thin ribbon of bike lane and I must set up to squeeze in between cars on the right, going to turn right and head north on Oracle--cars going straight on River, and everybody else waiting to turn left. Cars all packed in, and up ahead just the space that seems only wide enough to fit cyclist's shoulders. And what a rush to blast down that ribbon while the cars must sit and wait and wait and wait. I'm riding about 19 to 22 mph--probably not a good idea, but its such a rush! Of course if anybody tried to turn out or thought they'd be cute and open their door, with my weight and speed, I would tear the door off and I would be killed instantly. But, I suspect the drivers are sitting there motionless and in a stupor anyway. I know--I've been there. Sitting in traffic saying to myself, "Where the fuck did all these old people come from?" If I was an old guy, should I live so long, I don't think I'd be worried about going 1 or 2 mph over the speed limit and getting busted by the cops. But I wouldn't be driving too fast and furious either because that's not cool. I just wish these elder citizens would not drive in the left passing lane slow as shit that's all.
On the bike, I don't have to deal with either one--Gramps or Sir Speedy. Bliss Baby, just bliss riding home on the bike.

This last week of riding has been good. If I drive everyday to and fro, I put in about 250 miles a week. By riding in three days a week this time, I knocked 80 miles off that, and still arrive home about the same time as driving the car.

This morning I drove East on River Rd, and must report that the bike lane is not ready east of Campbell. Too bad.

Allure Libre!

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