Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bruce on the Bike

Breakfast, Canyon de Chelly
 The Mighty Trek is in the shop, so I'm out on the Titanium LeMond - an awesome bike!  I'm not sure but I believe the LeMond may have a compact cassette? No matter - I've been looking at my times riding down to the first pull-out (Mummy Cave) and I noticed that my average speed is up from 13 - point something to 14.9 - my fastest time!  I am happy - some improvement.  

Pretty much it may be that I'm not taking pictures - mainly pictures for the blog - that can slow me down.  What can I take pictures of for you?  Basically I'm coming down the mountains, the Chuskas, part of the Defiance Plateau - and what has eroded over the thousands and thousands (millions?) of years from the snow melt is Canyon de Chelly.  You would not know it was there at all.  I ride about a mile from the edges, which drop down dramatically 800 to 900 feet.

There's ways in and out that my Navajo friends and co-workers know, but you would need four-wheel drive or horse - or you could walk. 

I've wanted to see about a loop I could do - but really it's a down and back for me Gentle Readers.  Good for training.  I bet mostly I'm more conditioned to the altitude which is why I can seem to ride a bit faster.  Anyway, should something catch my eye that I want to photograph, I will stop and pull out the camera.

I see ponies often.  This ride, I saw wild ponies when suddenly they heard me, and then bolted!  I heard a stick snap as they took flight.  They did stop and give me intense, curious looks!  By now you would think they know what I am - a human moving on the road where cars should be - swiftly and silently - why?  What is it doing? 

Local Bike Shop, Farmington, New Mexico
 Repairs will be done soon and I'll be back in Farmington to pick up the bike.  

My plan is to put in the miles, get fit, and then do a ride over Buffalo Pass.  Today one of my colleagues said she saw a bunch of riders going over the pass - so I am inspired.  They were in a group, which is safer.  I'll be on my own so I'm more afraid of getting hit by a car than anything else.

I just wish the roads were better and I had a few more options for rides.  It may be that I'll have to drive someplace with the car, and do a ride that way.

Okay - thanks for stopping by the blog!

Cheers!  Bruce

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Dan Trued said...

Hey Bruce,

Did some mtb with my brother up at Pinetop, so now I can relate to your posts. Wasn't acclimated, and was really surprised how altitude affects you (8000'). Love those Pine Trees too, like I've seen in your posts, but the smell overwhelmed me at times. You're lucky at this time of the year to be able to do a lot riding in those areas. Dan