Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bozeman Fly-By

 I was at a conference for the job - to Bozeman, Montana!  I don't remember ever being in MT, or Big Sky Country - the late afternoon we arrived, I had some time and headed off on the bike to explore.  The College sent us and we had a huge van.  I was able to stow the Mighty Trek on-board. 

 It was Sunday so there was no traffic, and the weather was perfect - I just took off through campus - we were staying at Montana State - and through neighborhoods.  Quickly I was downtown and touring the early Summer evening.

 I will certainly stop by here again, Gentle Readers!

 Bozeman's Library - but that's not where I'll be.  Yeah, for me conferences are boring Dork-Fests - when I get a chance, I'll be out on the bike!

 I got some routes on-line from the local bike shop before I traveled out here.  The next evening I just got out and rode a short 13 mile course - I was amazed how soon I was off Campus and out into farm and ranch land!  Simply beautiful!

I have a longer route into the mountains planned for later in the week when I have half the day off!

Cheers!  Bruce

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