Thursday, February 06, 2014

Don't Fence Me In

At Hubble Trading Post
For some R and R I drove out to Flagstaff, Arizona and stayed the weekend by myself.  I mostly went for a change of pace, and to see if I could get my cross-country skis set up with boots and binders.  It was, for the most part, a long four hour drive.  On the way back, I spent a bit more time at Hubble Trading Post Nal't Historic Site.

Little Egypt grew up in Flag, and lived not far from here, and went to Catholic School around the corner.  This church is in old Historic Flagstaff, just right along Old Historic Hwy 66.

I ate at one of my favorite spots in Flag, the Dara Thai Restaurant - the tower is right across the street so that's how I know how to find it - it has been many years since I was here and always with Little E - not the same without her!

Beer is not allowed on the Rez - and not allowed on Campus.  I was brought a 21 once bottle of Guinness, mes amis!  Enough to last me a month!  The Pad Thai I ate was also more calories I've consumed at dinner than I have in one week living out here in Tsaile.  I was in a food coma most of the evening.  

Bunk House for the Hired Hands at Hubble
Flag was okay - cold and slushy as the sun was out and melting the snow in the streets.  But it was kind of empty as not many tourists around.  Flagstaff was always a blue-collar city on Route 66 - a mountain town.  Lots of up-scale and over-priced shops and stuff for the wealthy tourists and skiers today - not too many around the weekend I was there.  Hubble Trading Post was much more fun, and the Rangers and staff at the Post remembered me from my short stop over MLK Holiday.  I took a ton of photos and had a tour of the Hubble Home.  If you ever can stop in Ganado, it's really worth checking out the place.

The waitress at the diner where I had breakfast gave me directions to the Safeway there in East Flag - and I got supplies to bring back up here.  Best thing was that they had a Safeway gas station, and I got 20 cents off my gas!  So I filled up with higher octane (does better up here) and still have half a tank in the car for the next trip!

Snow blew through and it was cold.  Back to work.  My trip to Flagstaff was expensive Gentle Readers of This Blog!  Mostly gas and food and stuff!  I'm better off going down to Tucson as there I can stay with friends to save a little money (actually a lot of money) and it's warm...

I did better than most cars and trucks with the bike.  The snow came in and then the sun warmed and melted some of it - but then it got very windy and cold so things got very icy!  The studded snow tires work great for these conditions!  They grip the snow and ice like claws!  Really worth buying if you can...

Chuska Mountains
Riding home this particular evening from work, the Sun on the mtns made them really shine - but just briefly - glad I saw it!

Cheers!  Bruce

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Ryan said...

Mmmmm...Dara Thai. I love that place. We use to eat there quite a bit when we lived in Flag.