Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Exploring is Not Boring

Wearing my RUSA Vest just in case
The College is pretty much deserted as it's Fall Break for the students.  A skeleton crew is keeping things going.  I'm getting my head around my position, and settling in okay I think.  It was the weekend and Friday the rains came, and then the snow- I decided I needed to get out of TS - 39 and just embrace this new place where I now live!

The snow was coming down real good, Gentler Reader of This Blog - so to be on the safe side, I wore my Randonneur's vest, which is water-proof and wind-proof, and you can see it for miles.  If I got myself stuck or in trouble, at least I could be spotted.  I also put part of a John Brown Belt (hope I got that right) on the Campus Bike so as not to be mistaken for an Elk or a deer - or anything else by a hunter.

I put this on the bike so I could be seen if got lost too.  Also, the road from the trailer park to my office can get a bit busy with people going to work and school - this makes me more visible.

I was not sure what to expect actually.  The trail starts right by my house, so I thought I'd give it try.  I should be able to ride okay!  While not a mountain bike, The Desert San Campus Bike I would say is like a jeep - it has a triple ring on the front like a mountain bike - shifts great - and fenders should keep me dry and clean.  As long as I just pedal and keep going, I should be alright.

On the The College Fitness Path!
Right away I took off and I was surprised how easily I cut through the three inches of fluffy snow on the fitness path!  I think I averaged about seven mph for the three miles I road.  I just took it easy, mes amis, because I'd not ridden on the path but only knew it was supposed to circle around the main campus.  I couldn't make out my landmarks from the last ride to Tsaile Lake - Tsaile Peak and Black Pinnacle, and really not even The College.

No worries - The College comes into view and I know where I am.  I would say this is about the half-way point in my ride.  This is pretty close to the eastern entrance to the campus.

A few times I was not quite sure which way to go.  The path has black gravel and by just swiping my foot in the snow I could see if I was on it.  Otherwise, thick gooey vermilion mud underneath!

Foothills of the Chuska Mtns
Navajo people are telling me that I'll be able to find roads that lead up into the mountains, and I will find great beauty!  But maybe need to wait for better weather I think.  I'm not quite equipped to venture out in these kinds of conditions until I really know my way around - have the right bike for the job, and gear to survive a few days in snow.

The altitude made this a workout!  I was only out for an hour but that was okay.  My bike clothes keep me surprisingly dry and comfortable.  I should have no problem riding to work in any conditions.  If it was pouring rain and I drove to work, it would take me the same amount of time to walk from the car to the library as it would to ride from TS 39 to the office.

But every day I try something new and try to discover some unseen part of this place that will help me know and belong.

Cheers!  Bruce

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Dan Trued said...

good luck on your new AZ adventure. Fat tire country isn't it?