Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Clinton Lake Fast Ride

I did a fast ride out to Clinton Lake on a Friday last week.  I missed the Thursday group ride as I had a job interview (via Skype) So I headed out of town, feeling good, and wanting to get out and see what I could do.

The Big Farm
 We have had rain out here in Kansas, Gentle Readers of This Blog...  however, I don't see the farmers planting a corn crop so far.  Since 90% was lost last year because of the drought, maybe they don't want to take any chances -- so other stuff is probably going in the fields this year.

And I have to say, it was a rare day when there was NO WIND...  I mean usually I'm getting beat up out here in The Wilds -- but the wind was calm.  I made good time and covered the back road quickly!

The old barns are starting to show some age.  The Winter this year was long, cold and tough.

Normally on the Muffin Ride, we would turn left at the barn and head to Lone Star Lake.  Instead I'm going up and over the hill to Clinton Lake.  My plan is to ride to the Clinton Lake Store, go to the shore, and then head home back to Lawrence.  All in all, about a 40 mile ride.

An old and still prosperous farm, on the way to Clinton, Kansas...

German immigrants settled around here.  This church dates from about 1900.  It is probably not the first church -- as the farmers got more money and did better, they built bigger churches.

Clinton Lake
 Clinton Lake was a man-made lake created in 1980.  Its okay I guess.  Every body knows Clinton Lake, but the town of Clinton, Kansas, was important as a stop on the Underground Railroad pre-Civil War.  I know very little else, but Clinton, as well as Lawrence, were on the Underground.  I believe that is one reason members of Quantraill's Band wanted so bad to sack Lawrence -- which they did in August of 1861.  But those days are past - the lake was nice.  But as you can see, rain clouds crept in - time to roll back to Lawrence.

Clinton Store, since 1931
 I stopped in the store and the people working there were very friendly.  I bought a candy bar and Gatorade and chatted with them for a bit.  I was the only customer that day beside the mail carrier.  The store was old as dirt and had a lot of character.

Caught in 1965 in Montana
Again, with no wind to thrash me around, I sped home like a bullet!  It was a good day for a ride!  Thanks for coming by the blog!

Cheers!  Bruce

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