Monday, April 15, 2013

Cold Cold Cold

Randonneur Wind Vest - Coming home after the Ride
So it has been warm, but suddenly as everyone was looking forward to a weekend of riding--it got cold again, Gentle Readers of This Blog.  It actually looked sunny, but a layer of clouds showed up and the temp dropped even more.  I wasn't quite dressed for the occasion and it was a cold morning for me.  Everyone else had full gloves, booties, jackets--they got out extra stuff from their cars--as many people drive to Broken Arrow Park were the morning Bike Club meets.

My hope is that it would warm up as we got going, but the wind came up and the cloud that seemed to have parked itself over Lawrence just kind of stalled out.  I did wear for the first time to try it out, my Rando Vest.  It is wind and rain resistant, so Jennifer Wise told me in an email.  I'm glad I had it because it was in fact very wind resistant and kept me from losing more body heat out on the road in the winds.

The fast group got going as they usually do.  We in the slower group caught them as they came by; they have sometimes been taking a slightly different route that puts us about a mile ahead of them.  When the pack started to gain on us, the four or five of us jumped on the end.  We rode with them for awhile, but I was not able to keep up even with my group--and I got dropped with just a few miles to go.

We regrouped and headed back to town--all four of us.  Not many riders coming out from the slower group these days.  They seem to be fair-weather cyclists--if its too hot or too cold, to windy or whatever, they stay home.  Actually I thought about staying home, mes amis, because it was cold when I got up--and then on the way back we had a slight head wind and the day got colder.  That's Spring here in KS!

But I'm glad I got out and put in the miles and saw my friends.  Oh, I guess my Garmin was not charged all the way, or had run down and it didn't work but just a few minutes.  I kind of wanted to see any improvements from my last ride out to Lone Star--any faster times--but like I said I got dropped so that pretty much means I can only try to get better and hang on to the pack!

Cheers!  Bruce

Flowers will explode in bloom when its a little warmer!

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