Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Road to Recovery


My leg was not broken, Gentle Readers of This Blog.  I did suffer a severe sprain--and possibly a torn quadriceps muscle.  Its been a long haul this past month of May.  What can I say?  I've dealt with frustration and depression.  I've been on crutches for almost a month.  Still I can't believe this has happened to me--but again, having a cyclist's legs--I was spared worse.  I received the images and as you can see--no break up there on the femur.

Inside of the knee is good--just the torn muscles and maybe tendons.  Pretty much my left leg has been useless--like dragging around a tree-trunk.  Slow-going getting around too--but I have been going to the Jim Thorpe Fitness Center (The Jim as we say here at Haskell) and lifting weights for my upper body.  I can do push-ups too!

You can see that the left knee is swollen, and you can see that bruise on my inner-thigh.  The swelling has gone down and needed to go down so they can do a MRI. 

Here's the Douglas County Courthouse where I slipped and fell down the stairs.  The structure was built in 1888.  The steps I slipped on were worn and grooved.  The County told me recently that the steps were "safe enough" so they are not liable.  The hard and stressful part of this journey is that I may have to hire an attorney if the costs start getting up there, mes amis...

Rico the afternoon he picked me up and drove me home from the ER.  He's been a big help to me but really, I am fairly able to do everything I need to do.  With Little Egypt in Kuwait, he's run errands, done the grocery shopping, and helped keep my spirits up!  I can't ride a bike yet, and I can't drive a stick-shift.  I drive the SUV to work (just a mile and a half) but that's another post, mes amis!
 In the ER they gave me a leg-brace--but it would not stay on--so I don't use it for walking. Now I'm just down to using one crutch. Everyday I get a little stronger! It has been a long month, but I am happy to report a good outlook for the future!

Cheers! Bruce

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