Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Morning Mortals

The Mighty Trek.

My routine, Gentle Readers of This Blog, is bike to work everyday then Tuesday and Thursday evening spin class with the Bike Club--then a 10:30 Sunday Morning spin class. I wish I had more exciting posts for you--but its Winter here in Kansas and pretty cold! Luckily the snow and rain have not been pounding us (that may change as some snow is on the way tonight) so I will ride to work as long as I can.

It would be nice to ride to Celebrity Spin Class but just too cold, mes amis. I leave the Mighty Trek in the rig shop all week like you see in the photos. Best thing about the Celebrity Spin is that I've gotten to know a few people and learned about the different sects of the club. Got myself on the email list for one such group and typically they like to ride Sunday mornings--fast but not too fast. They like to ride in a group and not drop stragglers.

My HR Zones from when Boss and I trained it the Tucson Foothills last year.

I've been in the Spin class since December 29th and I have to say that I'm riding a good part of the time in Zone 3 and just into Zone 4. I do feel like I'm getting stronger and now during the workouts I try hard to spin at a higher cadence for longer in those higher Zones. I've only been able to reach 158 as my highest HR and have been able to sustain 153 to 155 for two minutes--but I really have to mash in the big ring to get up there.

Class is over--its been a great hour of spinning!

They found a spot for me against that bench because I had come in with rollers and nobody wanted me to be falling over. I'm glad I moved up towards the front because like I mentioned I've gotten to know some of the Bike Club Members who are active and like to have fun and explore different roads.

In the Celebrity Spin Class there are the elite riders who look fast even sitting up on their trainers. Then there are the mere mortals like me--I sweat like a pig, mes amis-- and I'm working hard. I want to get faster and stronger--I want to be ready for the first 200 km Brevet March 24th. Then there are the people just there to socialize and hang out with their friends.

There's the good-looking Cougars who enjoy all the attention from the fellahs--even me, making eye contact with the cute blonde when I look over my shoulder. Come time on the road I wonder if I'm gonna be able to keep up with them. They all look fit and strong--but in class don't seem to work hard.

For me, I think I'm gonna have to tough out the first 200--it will no doubt be cold and wet with snow come late March. Even this morning some of the people were talking about an April ride that was miserable and frigid cold.

I hope you get to have good days and can ride, Gentle Reader of This Blog... Allure Libre!

Cheers! Bruce


Dan Trued said...

cool! now that's a pack I wouldn't be scared of riding in.


Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Hey Dan-- these women look fit and like I said enjoy the attention of the guys. Everybody's friendly and I think we'er all getting a bit of cabin fever and we want to get out on the road. My hope is I'll have a chance to talk with the cute blonde woman once the weather warms up and we're all out riding--but I may have a pack of other guys to compete with! ha ha ha ha! Cheers! Bruce