Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Commute Up Mt. Oread

Fraser Hall atop Mt. Oread at the University of Kansas.

After I returned from my Tucson trip, I was able to work one more day at my part-time, temporary job up at KU. All the guys I worked with knew that I was working hard to get a full-time professional position--so when my ship came in they were happy for me.

Since The Little House is just over a mile away, it only makes sense to go by bike to work. In the photo above, I'm about half a mile away from the office. I get to work in about eight minutes--I have to climb up very steep 14th Street, which reminds me of going up the back side of Gates Pass in Tucson!

I rode to work every day by bike for eight months! I never once drove to work by car!

When I got to the office, I used the men's room to quick change into my work clothes. Even on the coldest days, I had to wipe off and dry up because I always broke a sweat riding up the hill.

Starting the climb up Mt. Oread on 14th Street.

Sun coming up on The Hill (Mt. Oread) and I'm not quite at the top.

The Natural History Building and Museum inside the Hall here is 112 years old--quite stately in the morning sunshine.

Fraser Hall, build in the late 1950's can be seen from many miles away as you drive towards Lawrence--or in my case, out in the Wilds on the Bike.

Lippencott Hall, another 100 year old building on the KU Campus. There's a light dusting of the first snow on the ground, mes amis.

Looking East down 14th Street from atop Mt. Oread, KU Campus.

14th Street was in dismal shape most of 2011, Gentle Readers of This Blog, and going down you had to be very careful as the all brick-paved streets seemed to surge up through the layers of asphalt over the years. Well they paved over with yet a new layer--and it was quite nice to ride on--no pot holes or old bricks to surprise you with a thud.

You can see how steep the ride was up 14th in the morning--most students walk up--or take the bus. I got home very fast of course--but I had to be very careful because there were always students searching (often hopelessly) for a place to park up here. Often they were in a hurry and not paying attention. Now I'll have a longer commute to the new job--about two miles--but its all gonna be flat.

Wish me Luck with the new job and the new commute in 2012! Still I think its quite an accomplishment to have ridden my bike to work every day in 2011.

Cheers! Bruce

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