Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Leprechaun of Saguaro National Park

Chasing Dave Glasgow a.k.a The Leprechaun of Saguaro National Park.

Dave Glasgow has been a friend of mine for quite a long time, Gentle Readers of This Blog. Always an enigma to me, really the only way to describe this ├╝ber-man is that he is charming, fearless, insightful, fierce, and fleet--he claims to be 105 years old. Ha ha we all laugh--but sometimes I wonder.

If you ever have ridden the 9 mile Scenic Drive in Saguaro National Park--or driven it--you will have no doubt encountered this endearing fellow--my friend Dave!

At the Visitors Center unloading the bikes.

Since I don't have a lot of time this week while I'm visiting, Dave and I drive out to the Park. We'll do three of four loops around the Scenic Drive, and Dave will meet up with friends passing through the Ramada, just inside the entrance of the Park. If you don't see him cruising up and down the fast rollers, past the saguaro--then you may meet him as he stops for water in the Ramada.

The Leprechaun is the totem name from his Furnace Creek 508 ride a few years ago.

Trying to keep up with The Road Warrior.

Saguaro Nat'l Park's East Side Loop is a good place to train. There's not much traffic, and the road is one-way. There's hills, fast rollers, and of course since this is one of God's Favorite spots on Earth--the scenery is fantastic! If you're driving, I would say take a chance to walk around on one of the foot paths or trails, Gentle Reader. This is an ancient, pristine place--and it often gently nudges you into self-reflection.

From the road, looking out over the Rincon Mtn Range, Southeast of Tucson.

Ocotillo Cactus are changing colors--their leaves turn a beautiful yellow and orange, but just for a short time in the Fall.

Every time I'm in the Park there's always something different, always some new sight revealed--as I said, this is a special place, and often when I've been out here, the temps have been murder! Into and way over 100! Today it is calm and cool--everything seems sleepy and dreamy.

The Regal Saguaro--they seem to be talking about things as they raise their arms to the Sun for warmth.

We're on the part of the loop that goes to the picnic area--fast rollers and fun!

Dave rockets ahead of me like a missile!

Here I go making chase!

Dave, and Mt. Lemmon in the background.

The fast two-way part of the Park Loop to the Picnic Area--once again, ahead of us are the Rincon Mts.

Dave Peashock, a good friend of ours--he had a flat and we've stopped to help out. But Dave is okay and about on his way--we'll meet him later at the Ramada. Dave Peashock is a fellow Randonneur, and he and I also crewed for our friend Gerry Goode when he did the 508 Furnace Creek as well.

The Ramada just inside the entrance of Saguaro Nat'l Park.

There's water here to refill your bottles--and this is a rest stop for riders going on to Pistol Hill, Colossal Cave, and other places around the boundary of the Park. Riders of all levels you can meet here and get information about their favorite rides around the city. We met some cyclists visiting from Quebec, and I was able to tell them about riding Saguaro National Park West, McCain Loop, and the Desert Museum.

Bon jour la bon jour!

Thanks for stopping by the blog, Gentle Reader.

Cheers! Bruce


Sir Bikesalot said...

Welcome back Bruce. Nice of you to bring cooler weather with you to us!

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Paul I have just a few weeks of good weather here in KS to ride--I got a bit of a sunburn while back in AZ!

Had I gotten in a few days earlier, I would have been there to see you and the fam ride Cochise!

Cheers! Bruce