Monday, March 21, 2011

Old "K-10" or "B-Careful"

My county map with roads marked.

The bike shop lads, as well as Mike, told me about the out and back to a little town just outside of Interzone. There was a job advertised in that city which required the applicant register in person. So I decided to go out on the Mighty Trek and see the roads talked about by the local riders.

Pavement gives way to gravel after a few miles outside of town.

All I had to do was leave the Little House, turn right, and then head East to the town of Eudora, KS. They didn't tell me that I'd be on gravel, but the gravel was not so bad--and I rode about 15 mph. The wind was fierce of course! I'd be able to return on "Old K-10" which was said to be paved.

Nine miles West, the town of Eudora, Kansas.

Warm and sunny, but very windy--I'm out on the bike and exploring new roads. Gravel wasn't so bad, but I couldn't ride as fast as I thought I could--and of course, the headwind...

About nine miles as the crow flies.

Before reaching Eudora, Gentle Reader of This Blog, I looked back to see iconic Fraser Hall on top of the Campus of KU. It's the building with the town little towers on top. It can be seen from all directions as people drive in from the highways into Lawrence, KS.

Main Street of Eudora--a very nice little town indeed! This is looking South down Main.

At City Hall, where I filled out my job application for a position with the Town.

Everyone was quite friendly and after I handed over my completed application, the staff went over a few details about riding back on "Old K-10" They said it was still used and traffic was pretty fast--and dangerous. "Be careful out there!"

A contractor who was putting in some permits told me outside that he was a cyclists himself--a few years ago, his friend and fellow cyclist, a County Sheriff, was killed on Old K-10. As is usually the case, the reckless driver who ran him down only received a minor fine, if anything at all.

West back to Lawrence on Old-K 10.

Well, mes amis, I decided to give Old K-10 a chance. I had come all the way out here just to do this loop, and I wanted some fast pavement to take me home.

What I discovered was that the Old K was very very narrow--and no shoulder. The traffic was fast--faster than the posted 55 mph. What was even more un-nerving is that the headwind/crosswind was brutal, and I had at times difficulty staying up. So I had to lean into the crosswind and ride more over in the center of the lane. But soon I was seeing the turn to take me back up the way I came out--car drivers would go the other direction to hop on "New" K-10 and shoot to Kansas City or the few miles into Lawrence.

On that short stretch with no traffic and a wide shoulder back to the rural road I used to head out--I got the call that they wanted me to work there at KU. I accepted the position, and then just relaxed and enjoyed the only bit of tailwind I would get this afternoon.

On the Road.

Heading back into town.

Fraser Hall, and the location of my new office, just in the building to the right. I've taken this road, which is 15th Street, East for 9 miles to the town of Eudora, and then back on Old K-10. I live just off this 15th you see above, and I will ride to the office a mile and a half.

Garter Snake in the Little House.

When I pulled up into the drive way of the Little House, I spied a Garter Snake slipping into the garage. I helped him scoot out back into the garden as I put the bike away. I had ridden just over 18 miles--again in a fierce headwind and crosswind. I was pretty tired--but I have a new job, so that's good!




Sir Bikesalot said...

Nice. Congratulations on the job. Sounds like you have some interesting commuting routes to work out. I'm counting the days until we move and I can start commuting by bike again.

Big Oak said...

Congratulations on your new job! That is great news.

It's probably good you chose to follow K-10, as I hear K-9 is loaded with dogs!

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Hey Paul! How ya doing my friend?

Mr. Big! K-9--that is pretty funny! Thanks for stopping by fellahs!

Cheers! Bruce

Fuzzy said...

Well done on the new job!

I have only ridden in Baton Rouge and the San Francisco area of The States but would love to get some other riding areas under my belt.

Luv 'n Stuff
Fuzzy from the UK