Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just Riding Today

It is humid this morning... Arrrgh!

We're on the Catalina Hwy heading to the base of Mt. Lemmon

We agreed at the same time, the Boss and me, that we'd skip going up much further than just riding to the base of Mt. Lemmon--it is too muggy.

We turned around at Mile Post Zero, as were many other riders out this morning. It was still early but almost 90 degrees with the worst humidity since I can remember!

Here's Alan on River Rd, and the rollers are fast, so we make good time back to the start of our ride. Traffic is light this morning--during the work week, River Rd here where we are is insane--tons of traffic and mostly narrow bike lane.

"Its those annoying bikers..." That was the look we got from the staff of Walgreens when we shuffled in to buy some cold bottled water. The young check-out girl had a nose piercing, an eyebrow piercing--some diamond stud embedded in her check--and she thought we looked like freaks!

For our 36 miles we averaged almost 16 mph. My heart rate average was only 130 for the ride. It was nice to relax a bit out on the road. The problem had been that I busted ass getting all my chores and cleaning done Saturday so I could ride Sunday, but I almost couldn't get out of bed Sunday morning at 5 a.m. and get myself going. I almost fell back to sleep if not for my dog Callie getting me up again because she wanted her breakfast.
Cheers! Bruce

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Big Oak said...

Sorry about the humidity - I didn't think it ever got very humid there. It rarely gets much above 90 here, but 80 - 90% humidity is very common.

By the way, you guys are freaks. Really, who rides in the summer in Arizona anyway? Keep it up. You are tougher than me.