Friday, March 05, 2010

What Would Jesus Drive?


This fucktard couldn't find a parking spot close enough to leave this behemoth, so he parked in the always vacant Desert San clergy spot. Father Bill rides one of those Segways, and Amy (I don't know what faith she represents) drives a Prius. She parks at the Hospice.


Big Oak said...

I like to think Jesus would ride a bike. Maybe an old steel-framed Raleigh with a new Shimano Ultegra group. Something of quality and durable, but not too showy. A well-used Brooks honey brown saddle.

Regarding yesterday's post, we're all wearing out. We give up our lives 1 day at a time, but that's the deal. Enjoy it while you got it!

Keep on bikin' !

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Thanks Mr. Big! Cheers! Bruce

Anonymous said...


Definitely a trike!