Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Changes Round Here

It was a cold windy morning for the ride in, Gentle Readers of This Blog. The air was colder, and the sun seemed to have as much trouble getting into the sky and up over the mountains--as I did getting out of the sack.

There was a cold head wind as I left the office. I hammered to get as far as I could--the sun is in a hurry too--it gets darker and colder as it sets.

Actually I made pretty good time. Dang! Little Egypt and I decided we would find a new rendezvous point for pick-up. I made it to the lower parking lot of the YMCA to meet her with the car, but Holy Shit--I almost got hit twice within two miles of the photo! People driving really fast--running stop signs, speeding past to try and make a right turn and almost clipping me. I say lay off the diabetic foot, you fat tubs of goo...

I like my big safe comfortable car too sometimes--but take it easy on aggressive driving.


1 comment:

Doohickie said...

"I say lay off the diabetic foot, you fat tubs of goo..."

...and the people said, AMEN!