Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Day Ride

Happy New Year, Everyone! I hope you got out to ride--if not--check out our NYD's Ride to Oracle, Arizona. By the way, one goal I had this year was to ride the old Raleigh Marathon for New Year's Day.

Susan took care of Callie while I was out of town.

We met up with John, Kathy, and Shock on Tangerine near Dog Mtn. John and Kathy are on the tandum

Shock is in the House!

Kathy and John.

Looking East to Mt. Lemmon. We're on Moore Rd.

RBA of Arizona Randonneurs

We've met up with Joan and Larry at Rancho Vistoso. Now we're getting ready to head North up Oracle to the town of Oracle, Arizona, Gentle Readers of This Blog.

Gerry Goode is a no-show this year. Should we go by his place up in Saddlebrook? And hand him a "Jackass Pass" ? Too cold for him and stayed in bed.

Catalina, Arizona at a stop light. We are climbing about 1500 feet and its getting a bit chilly.

Wind is picking up.

Larry and Joan on their tandum.

Snow on Mt. Lemmon.

Larry and Joan make things look easy, as always.

The last 10 miles up have been windy and cold!

Eagle Wing meets us at the entrance of Biosphere 2--just about three miles left until the restaurant.

When we pull out, I stay right on the wheel of John and Kathy's tandum--Shock right on my wheel, Susan, Eric, Joan and Larry--for the final assult on Oracle. Headwind is making us work hard. We all vote to take the short-cut and get out of the wind.


Shock and Awe!

Happy New Year! And Happy Birthday to Kathy--like me, and John--she's 39 years young!

As soon as we sit at our table--Dave Glasgow appears! Dave is doing well and getting back on the bike. Today he drove up to meet us and wish everyone well. Rehab for the broken leg has made him stronger. His doctors say he will be 100% in about six months--just as strong as before being struck by the Taxi this summer.

Looks like Joan needs to drink that coffee! And wake up!

Susan and Dave.

New cycling winter jacket bought for me by mum back in Tulsa. I know I'll use it often during the brevets this year! And, mes amis, check out the bike--it was great to ride and I had a good vibe pedaling along. I did have a bit of a problem with the tension shifters which Larry quickly diagnosed and fixed with a screwdriver. He tightened them up with a few turns right before the climb up to Oracle--thank goodness!

The position on the bike is a bit different than I'm used to riding. My arse is a bit tender as it seemed I was more in an upright position than stretched out on my LeMond.

Taking pictures on a 69 cm frame was like sky cam. When in the group, I could see well over everone's head, and Susan and Shock enjoyed quite a fine draft as we laboured up Hwy 77, which is Oracle Rd, to the restaurant...

the ride home after lunch...

After staying at the restaurant way too long—we finally got back in the saddle for the ride back. This would great because we’d have the tailwind and the descent. Just as we took off down the road, Susan’s chain came off. I stopped to help her out, but she put it back on in a matter of moments. Still—stopping for just a moment—the rest of the group had soared ahead. That wouldn’t be a problem as we would re-group.

Sailing down the road at a good speed, I thought I heard Susan shout, “Bruce!” I stopped and turned around to see her off the bike again. I thought it might be the chain once more—but after a few minutes it was obviously some other problem. I crossed busy Hwy 77 and climbed back up the other way to her. By then I could see her changing a tube. But the tire had been split and she had to patch the tear. Then once we got the tube and tire going, it became clear that the new un-used tube was defective! We had to change the tire again.

By this time, with the wind and descent, the gang was five or six miles ahead. When we reached Rancho Vistoso, we had to make a stop to peel off a layer of clothing as it had gotten warm now. So a cell phone call informed John and the group that we’d see them some other time, which meant Susan and I wouldn’t have to play catch-up. It was race the sun back to Dog Mtn from here on out.

We took turns drafting back home and soon found ourselves flying to Dog Mtn and Tangerine traffic light—with a quick right, a right, and one more quick right—we were home at 5pm; 64 miles later!

Happy New Year to All! Bruce


Dan Trued said...

Very good bike pics, I see some artistic input now ;) I've never figured out how to take bike pics, I'm too afraid I'm going to drop the camera, or hit the ditch and do an end-do. Good concentration there. Is that David in the beret?

Sir Bikesalot said...

Nice. I missed my yearly New Years ride for a New Year run this year (Which turned into a New Years sit around with sore legs for a few days). It was windy where I was, I can only imagine what you guys were fighting going up the valley (seems like it is always breezy on the 300k's). Congrats on doing it on a vintage bike as well.