Monday, December 17, 2007

Fair-Weather Rider

It’s been cold and wet in Tucson. There’s snow on Mt. Lemmon and the road is closed at the base, which is not surprising

My time has been spent at the good old YMCA, Gentle Readers. John has had me doing the same training program he and Kathy did for the Cochise Classic. But I’m not doing the spin class part—the spin class is great for some, but the bikes can’t adjust to my big body size—my arms and legs are just too long. So riding the spin bikes is terribly awkward. So I’ve been doing other cardio-type machines that do an elliptical-cross county skiing movement. Kind of boring but making a difference I can already tell. This is after about five weeks. We’ve also incorporated some weight training that I learned a few years ago at Bear Down Gym Weight Room.

I signed up for a ten-week weight-training class a few years ago. 13 people started the class, and after the third week there was me and two other women. The trainers were most excellent and we pretty much developed lifts to strengthen my arms and shoulders. I had had problems from a broken elbow and dislocated shoulder from horseback riding days.

Besides being cold, it’s very dark in the mornings and the sun is quickly on the way down by quitting time—and there a lot of traffic these days. I’m home with just about 15 minutes of light for a trip to the park with Callie. December days are short—the next big ride will be New Year’s Day. It should be warmer. The blog might be down for Christmas time as I’m flying home.


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