Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sunday Ride with Friends

The Sunday Gang rode our 45 mile loop from John’s house and back. We go up the front side of Gates Pass, and then ride the McCain Loop. There’s the usual sprint down Sandario to the Chevron—and this time to the Airport Café. John bought everyone breakfast.

The wind came up as we were leaving breakfast, but with just six or seven miles to ride back to John’s place, it wasn’t so bad.

Kathy and Yours. We're taking a break after climbing the front side of Gates Pass.

McCain Loop, in Saguaro National Park.
Another photograph on McCain Loop.

Whilst trying to get a good photograph of flora in Saguaro Nat’l Park, The Wolf appeared, Gentle Readers. I should have been more prepared—as I realized his presence, he “appeared” and we exchanged greetings. The Wolf may or may not be a phantom. I snapped this image of him as he glided past… I hope he finds peace on his journey.

Kathy and John

Farmland west of I-10 and as we've left the Airport Cafe in Marana.

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