Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekend Ride

My new shoes are right out of the box. My old shoes were busted. The soles were cracked and the left shoe was broken and the right cracked. No wonder my knees were killing me on MSM.
So I got the new shoes set up and adjusted by a very technically saavy man named Kurt at Sabino Cycles. My old shoes were kind of like my little Honda Civic I used to have--200,000 miles and doing the job no-frills. These new shoes--Mercedes Benz--if I had Sidi shoes, well they'd be like an Alfa Romero, Gentle Reader. I paid $$$ for the shoes and the rocket science in-soles. Maiden voyage on Sunday afternoon--worth it, Baby!

New Super Duper handle bars. Look Ma! No pain! Handle bars are wider, and set up such that all my weight isn’t so much on my wrists. We also adjusted my saddle height, and Kurt also put some shims on my shoes and on my cranks. So now I sit evenly distributed on the bike. Its much more comfortable than ever before. I used to have severe saddle pain with all the pressure on my right sit bone. This was because one leg is shorter than the other.

I was so happy! On the way home from a short ride, I spun to cool down, and I rode by my neighbor’s place. They were home—the dogs barked at me, and Bruce and Heather said come on inside. Bruce poured me a nice tall glass of OJ—with a little Vodka mixed in—as my ride was over…

Heather with Shasta and Logan.

Me and Logan…

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