Monday, January 01, 2007

Resolution Ride 2007

From left to right: Larry and Joan on the tandum. Jack, Dave, Kathy, and John.

Jack--Its been awhile since I've seen him. His company he started keeps him busy. He's riding his custom commuter bike, loaded with all kinds of cool stuff. Jack's into the the "Downtown" bike scene. Commuters and fixed gear and single speed cats rippin' the old bog, what?

Dave Glasgow... Haven't ridden with him in about a year. Larry and Joan on the tandum.

Cathy from Phoenix. She did her first El Tour as her first century ride, and still has the race numbers on her helmet. Spin classes have made her strong she says.

Gerry Goode met up with us and here he is leading the way to Oracle, where there's a good place to eat at this Italian resturant. Oh yeah, its pretty cold today, and not getting any warmer--and we still have to climb 2500 feet to Oracle.

The thing about this ride is that Yours under-dressed and I was quite uncomfortable the whole day. Plus I was groggy because of the holidays and eating too much and sleeping in. Tucson has been kind of cold this year--I'm out of shape Gentle Reader... And I have a 200 kilometer brevet this coming up Saturday January 6th.

I know I'll finish but the forcast is much like the same with the ride today. It will be cold and this time I will have the right gear. Just hope the wind doesn't hand me my ass like it did last time.

Happy New Year, mes amis!

Allure Libre!

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