Friday, August 14, 2020

Been Awhile, Gentle Readers of This Blog

Hi everybody.  I have not been blogging for awhile now...  Just not inspired to write and that's all.  I hope to revive the blog soon cuz I have stuff to get off my chest.  After I left the Rez Job, I ended up back in Lawrence, KS - and worked at the Law Library there for a few years...  I rode with the same group of fellers - men and women - and it was okay.  My job at KU sucked - I had a great boss and great other people, but the low-lives in my department made my days there miserable.  There was one old fucker who had worked there for over 40 years - and he was a huge asshole, and then this introvert mean-spirited chick that could barely function as a subhuman - she was mentally ill beyond any description.  My boss gave up trying to pry them out of the library cause it was too much work - I excelled there and published a paper with the former Dean of the Law School!!!  They were sad when I left (the law school faculty) and even sadder to know that my colleagues still remained.

Riding with the Lawrence Folks was okay - same people and same routes - always fun and good-natured rides.  One thing that really sucked, is that we had a few very pretty athletic college girls start riding with our group.  That was fine, but then some blow-hard bros from the faster more self-actualized group (you probably know these types of pricks) decided that they would "mentor" our new girls (who for the most part liked us because we weren't creepy.)  The bros, surprisingly, where older married guys and full of themselves with there expensive bikes and mid-life sports car purchases.

Well the pretty college girls, that I got along with well, got creeped-out, as well as the ladies in our group -  and they never came back.  The Bros made everyone uncomfortable with their ratchet-up the speed and dropping everyone - then deciding they would change the route, etc.  So people started to not show up for our rides at all, and my friends mostly split into about three different groups - mainly switching over to gravel.

With Fond Farewells, I had the chance to move to Bavaria - which is where I'm going to make an attempt to get the blog going again.

Cheers!  Bruce

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